All our sealed units are made in our glass factory

'A' rated glass is made of

* 4mm Planibel A, low E glass
* 20mm cavity filled with swiss v spacer bar
* Argon gas filled and 4mm clear
* Making a 28mm overall unit.

Seal Units Coventry

If you have a particular requirement that is not included within our standard range, because we have our in house facility, You can design your own glass, with 1000's to choose from
Encapsulated Units
The same as you currently have, meaning you keep the authenticity

Available in toughened and obscured

Specialist glass also available such as

* Fire and Acoustic
* Tinted & Laminated
* Self cleaning
All available in the following designs:

Triple Glazing
36mm option to increase heat retention and sound proofing
Specialist Glass available
We also offer an extensive range of specialist glass options

* Anti Sun
* Active Self Cleaning
* Acoustic (Decibel rated glass)
* Mirrored Glass